Science Internship Program

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The Faculty of Science is excited to announce the creation of the Science Internship Program. This program offers Science students the opportunity to participate in 8 to 16 consecutive months of work experience.

Studies show that co-op students gain employment sooner after graduation, have higher salaries, and are more likely to find employment related to their degree area than non-co-op graduates.

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Find out how to get a head start and stand out from the crowd. 

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Connect with your future employees!

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For students

Gain real life experience in the field by applying to the Science Internship Program


For employers

Help provide student opportunities beyond the classroom; train and develop Canada’s young professionals



CEWIL Guidelines

A Guide to Planning and Implementing Co-operative Education Programs in Post-Secondary Institutions


How is it different?

After successfully completing the Science Internship Program, students graduate with a Science Internship designation on their degree parchment and transcript. In the process of securing a position, students are able to learn valuable job-seeking skills, including writing resumes and interviewing. Completing the program provides students with the advantage of obtaining several work references in their field and creating a career network prior to graduation.  The Science Internship program provides assistance in securing jobs and standing out from other recent graduates!