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Career Development

Associations offering accreditation

These associations provide third-party validation of your credentials that provides employers and clients with confidence in your skills. It is highly recommended that you seek one or more of these accreditations. You can join as a student at reduced rates, and gain valuable information and networking opportunities about careers, as well as advice for planning your degree to obtain the credentials. 

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Government regulated accreditation

Other associations

Opportunities listed here are not an exhaustive or endorsed list. Posted organizations may have additional opportunities if these particular ones are not available. Similar organizations can also be contacted for volunteering opportunities.

  1. SUPKids School

    SUPKids School is looking for student volunteers to guest lecture at their Stand Up Paddle Board school in Ghost Lake, AB. SUPKids is a combined course that will teach the sport of paddle boarding and environmental awareness, in particular our precious waterways. Interested students can contact Ellen Sloos for information.

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  2. The Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area (ASCCA)

    The Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area (ASCCA) is a 4,800 acre day use natural area. It is located just south west of the city of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. Volunteers opportunities include area stewardship, conservation education, communications, and special project workdays.

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  3. Fish Creek Provincial Park

    Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park volunteer opportunities include park watch, wildlife monitoring, invasive species, trail care, special events, and behind the scenes help.

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  4. Calgary parks

    Parks interpreters wanted! These volunteers will help Calgarians to become eco-literate, good stewards of the land, and active participants in the sustainment of parks. Training provided. The program was piloted in Reader Rock Garden, Carburn, Confederation, Prairie Winds, and South Glenmore Parks, Bowmont, Edworthy, and Nose Hill Natural Environment Parks. Visit the City of Calgary's website for more information.

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  5. Nature Calgary

    Nature Calgary provides excellent opportunities to learn about plants and animals of southern Alberta. It also posts many volunteer opportunities.

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  6. Nature Conservancy

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  7. Shark & Marine Research Institute

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Positions listed here are usually offered annually. The current year's information may not be posted when you visit this page, but you can still inquire with the organization.

  1. Nutrient biogeochemistry of prairie pothole wetlands project

    Global Institute for Water Security
    University of Saskatchewan
    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  2. Arctic glacial lakes project

    Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability
    Northern Arizona University
    Flagstaff, Arizona