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Honours Program

The GPA requirements for the honours program are specified in the Faculty of Science section of the University Calendar. The course requirements are the same as for the major programs, however, students must have a minimum of 54 units in their field and include one of Environmental Science 504 or Environmental Science 505 in their program, preferably in their final year of study.

For these courses, students must find a faculty member who will supervise their project). The supervisor does not need to be a environmental science faculty member, but an ENSC faculty member must be on the committee. The research details are determined by the student and supervisor, and the course requirements consist of at least one major paper and an oral presentation.

To register for ENSC 504 or ENSC 505 (whether or not you are officially an honours student), complete the forms on our website and email them to ensc@ucalgary.ca. Students in an honours program may have a maximum of 78 units in their major field.

You must apply for honours online through the My U of C portal.

Program requirments as outlined in the academic calendar