A lake in the mountains.

ENSC 504/505

Research Projects in Environmental Science

Course dates/duration:
Fall and/or winter term(s)

Course description:
Either one of these two courses is required for an honours degree, but they are open to all environmental science students. Each course is unique to an individual student or a small group of students, and designed through discussions between the student and supervisor. Topics are of mutual interest to the student and supervisor and may involve data collection. Students are required to give an oral presentation of their work and submit their major paper to the ENSC office.

University of Calgary

Course structure:
Structure is established by the student and supervisor.

Logistical details:
Students interested in doing an independent project should contact faculty members whose work is of interest to them. The supervising faculty member does not need to be one of the ENSC faculty members, but there should be an ENSC faculty member on the committee. Once the supervisor, topic and course name have been decided, you will need to complete the Independent Research Course Application form.

Application form:

Please fill out the Independent Research Course Application form

These courses are restricted to senior ENSC students, and consent of the Environmental Science Program Director is required.

More information:
Please contact us at usc@ucalgary.ca.