• An outdoor, Minnaert-type observing terrace where telescopes are used for undergraduate astronomy teaching and public outreach events. Telescopes include several eight inch telescopes and a 14 inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. The 14 inch telescope is used with a computerized mount. Associated instrumentation includes self-guiding CCD cameras, white-light and H-alpha solar filters, and a spectrograph.
  • A 2000 square foot multipurpose interpretative centre. It is a state-of-the-art workspace that serves as lecture theatre and classroom. It is air conditioned and can accommodate 100 people comfortably. It is equipped with educational displays, four general purpose computers, one 40 inch touch screen computer, a 12 foot screen and data projector for presentations, video conferencing equipment and full internet capabilities. 
  • Classroom, laboratories, workshop, kitchen, shower and sleeping facilities.
  • Two microwave links to the internet; one line-of-sight link to the Earth Sciences building on campus and one provided by the Government of Alberta's Supernet program.
  • A terminal room with a number of Linux-based computers.

The 0.4 metre Clarke-Milone telescope.

0.4 metre Clarke-Milone telescope

The 0.5 metre Baker-Nunn telescope.

0.5 metre Baker-Nunn telescope

The 1.8 metre Sandy Cross telescope.

1.8 metre Sandy Cross telescope

The 3.3 metre radio telescope.

3.3 metre radio telescope

Friends of the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory

The Rothney Astrophysical Observatory is a vital part of the local community, acting as a University of Calgary research facility and as a public educational institution. The observatory’s primary purpose is to provide support to science education in Alberta. Our objectives are to create a quality learning environment built on integrated teaching, research and creative activities. We remain committed to the needs of the community. Our exhibits and programs create a stimulating experiential learning experience with an exhibit program that responds to the needs and wants of our target audiences. The observatory houses a collection of telescopes, technology and archival resources. These collections are conserved, researched and interpreted for the present public and for future generations of Albertans.

We are a not-for-profit organization and your financial support ensures we continue to offer science programming to school and youth groups. The University of Calgary charitable number is 108102864RR001.