Trees against a dark sky.

Dark Sky Country

The Rothney Astrophysical Observatory is proud to be located in dark sky country.

Conserving the Wilderness of Night Sky in Alberta

Light pollution is a growing threat to wildlife, plant life, insects and human well being. Creating balance in our communities both urban and rural is possible and achievable with smart lighting design. Please refer to the links below that provide excellent information on how to develop lighting infrastructure that promotes light pollution mitigation.

The Rothney Astrophysical Observatory is located in Dark Sky Country of the Foothills County. We are part of a forming dark sky corridor on the western section of Calgary that includes the Weaselhead Conservation Society, Leighton Art Centre, Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area. The RAO works with our dark sky partners to advocate for dark and quiet skies to protect the wilderness of the night sky.

The Rothney Astrophysical Observatory is the Southern Alberta representative for the International Dark Skies Association. We encourage you to visit their comprehensive website which includes information on compliant lighting, light pollution mitigation solutions and impact. Also, please check out the Dark Sky Society website which provides extensive details on what is light pollution and what you can do to reduce light pollution in our communities.

Dark Sky Lighting Information

Read more about lighting concepts and luminaire choices which are Providence and Alpine Park compliant.

Canadian Scotobiology Group

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Exterior Light Dark Sky Compliance

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BUG Rating




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Mont Megantic Dark Sky

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Dark sky partners

Read more about our partners and their initiatives towards preserving the wilderness of the dark sky.

Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area

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Foothills Municipality Dark Sky Initiative

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Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

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Weaselhead Glenmore Preservation Society

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