Biological Sciences Program: Concentrations

You can focus your biological sciences degree in one of three concentrations.


Concentration in Biodiversity and Conservation

There is global demand for understanding, preventing, and solving biodiversity and conservation crises from an informed scientific perspective. Graduates from this concentration will be prepared to make informed policy and conservation decisions about sustainable development and environmental change and explore solutions to the global biodiversity crisis.

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Concentration in Biotechnology

Biotechnology integrates knowledge from the traditional disciplines of biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, genetics, and chemistry and focuses on applications to commercial biological products or services. Courses in the proposed Biotechnology concentration cover a range of topics, including business and entrepreneurship, data science, microbiology, engineering, pharmacology, molecular biology, biochemistry, genomics and bioinformatics.

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Concentration in Genetics and Evolution

The Genetics and Evolution concentration focuses on the genetic principles that underlie molecular, cellular and developmental biology and on how evolutionary processes shape the diversity of life by acting on genetic variation. Students will develop a solid foundation in genetics and evolution and have the flexibility to select courses according to their interests.

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