Safety Information: Procedures, Forms and Templates

Mandatory Safety Courses

First Aid Program

Please visit the First Aid Program website to view information such as first aid requirements, ordering kits, reporting indicidents, and more.

Hazard Assessment Control Form (HACF)

The three forms below are available on the Environmental, Health and Safety website, under the heading "Forms".

  • HACF Laboratory form
  • HACF Teaching/Administrative form
  • HACF International Travel form

Laboratory Safety Program

For documentation pertaining to laboratory safety, inspection and clearance please visit the Laboratory Safety Program website.  Here you will find guides and instructions, such as:

  • Laboratory Self Inspection Explanation Guide 
    (under the drop-down heading "Explanation Guides")
  • Laboratory/Workshop Self Inspection Instructions
    (under the drop-down heading "Chematix Instructions")
  • Laboratory Check-Out Standard & Procedure
    (under the drop-down heading “Operational Requirements”)

Office & Laboratory Clearance Form (students)

Field Safety Standard

The University has developed and implemented this Field Safety Standard that clearly defines and stipulates the responsibilities of all workplace parties involved in academic research and instruction involving travel and field activities including:

  • Domestic Field Research
  • Domestic Field Schools and field trips
  • International Field Research
  • International Field Schools and study groups
  • Travel to research stations for Field Research of Field School activities
  • Field activities and travel related to team building and skill development

The following travel and activities are outside the parameters of this Standard but may still have a requirement for completion of a field hazard assessment (FLHA), field communication plan and/or journey management plan (coming soon): 

  • Day trips within the City of Calgary
  • Travel and activities associated with conferences
  • Travel where there are no planned field related activities
  • Travel by sports teams and clubs
  • Practicum activities that are covered under the health and safety management system of another organization
  • Registered programs that are publicly accessible

All field incidents, injuries, and motor vehicle accidents must be reported via the Online Accident Reporting System (OARS)


The two forms below are required for field activity for within city day trips, and are available on the Environmental, Health and Safety website, under the heading "Forms"

  • Field Level Hazard Assessment form

  • Field Activity Communication Plan form

Visitor Safety and Waiver Forms

The three forms below are available on the Risk Management and Insurance website, under the drop-down heading "Waivers and Informed Consents":

  • Laboratory Activity Adult Waiver form
  • Laboratory and Animal Activities Waiver form
  • Laboratory and Field Activities Waiver form