Electricity and Magnetism Demonstrations

The following demonstrations are available for lecture use. There is also a collection of demonstration videos. For access to these videos, please contact Wesley Ernst.

  1. 5D20 Resistivity and temperature

    5D20.10 Cooled wire

    5D20.50 Thermistor

  1. 5F20 Circuit analysis

    5F20.50 Series and parallel light bulbs

  1. 5K10 Induced currents and forces

    5K10.20 Induction coil with magnet galvanometer

  2. 5K20 Eddy currents

    5K20.10 Eddy current pendulum

    5K20.20 Falling aluminum sheet

    5K20.25 Eddy current tubes

    5K20.26 Faraday repulsion coil

    5K20.30 Jumping ring

  3. 5K40 Motors and generators

    5K40.05 Worlds simplest motor