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Summer Student Opportunities

These awards are meant to stimulate students' interest in research in natural sciences and engineering, and encourage them to pursue a research career in these fields.

For more information or view the USRA (NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR) website.

The Program for Undergraduate Research Experience (PURE) awards offers financial support to undergraduates conducting research. Applications are due in February. Visit the PURE webpage for more details.

BME Calgary offers partnered summer studentships for undergraduate students to work on biomedical engineering related projects. Students can work with researchers in a number of different partners groups across campus. Up to 35 studentships are available. Visit the BME website for more details.

For details, please visit the HBI website.

Each year the physics and astronomy department offers spring and summer positions to undergraduate students for lab work. Student work with lab equipment, assist with developing labs and demonstrations, and work with faculty members on various course modifications. 

Check out our career opportunities page for positions offered by the department.

Many of the faculty members hire undergraduate students for summer research projects. Students are encouraged to talk to faculty in any areas they are interested in.

Check out our research areas page to see our current areas of focus.