Mechanics Demonstrations

The following demonstrations are available for lecture use. There is also a collection of demonstration videos. For access to these videos, please contact Wesley Ernst at

  1. 1A10 Basic units

    1A10.70 Density samples

  2. 1A20 Error and accuracy

    1A20.10 Gaussian curve

  3. 1A30 Coordinate systems

    1A30.10 XYZ axes

  1. 1G10 Force, mass and acceleration

    1G10.40 Atwood's machine

  2. 1G20 Accelerated reference frames

    1G20.45 Dropped Slinky

  1. 1J10 Finding centre of gravity

    1J10.10 Centre of gravity shapes

  2. 1J11 Exceeding centre of gravity

    1J11.20 Leaning Tower of Lire

    1J11.50 Double cone on incline

  3. 1J20 Stable, unstable and neutral equilibrium

    1J20.21 Balancing bird

  4. 1J40 Static torque

    1J40.20 Torque balance

    1J40.70 Crane boom

  1. 1R40 Coefficient of restitution

    1R40.30 Dead and live balls

  2. 1R50 Crystal structure

    1R50.20 Crystal models