Optics Demonstrations

The following demonstrations are available for lecture use. There is also a collection of demonstration videos. For access to these videos, please contact Wesley Ernst.

  1. 6A10 Reflection from flat surfaces

    6A10.39 Periscope

    6A10.42 Kaleidoscope

  2. 6A20 Reflection from curved surfaces

    6A20.30 Images in concave mirror

    6A20.35 Optical mirage

    6A20.60 Energy at a focal point

  3. 6A42 Refraction from flat surfaces

    6A42.13 Internal refraction block

    6A42.20 Refraction tank

  4. 6A44 Total internal reflection

    6A44.40 Light pipes

    6A44.44 Fibre optic plume

    6A44.45 Laser waterfall

    6A44.46 Fibre optic cable

  5. 6A61 Pinhole

    6A61.20 Pinhole camera

  6. 6A65 Thick lens

    6A65.52 Fillable air lenses

    6A65.70 Fresnel lens

  7. 6A70 Optical instrument

    6A70.20 Telescope models

  1. 6C10 Diffraction through one slit

    6C10.10 Single slits

  2. 6C20 Diffraction around objects

    6C20.40 Zone plates

  1. 6D10 Interference from two sources

    6D10.10 Double slits

  2. 6D20 Gratings

    6D20.10 Multiple slits

  3. 6D30 Thin films

    6D30.10 Newton's rings

  4. 6D40 Interferometer

    6D40.10 Michelson interferometer

    6D40.56 Fabry-Perot interferometer

  1. 6H30 Circular polarization

    6H30.10 Three polarizers


  2. 6H35 Birefingence

    6H35.50 Stress plastic

  1. 6Q10 Holography

    6Q10.10 Holograms