Oscillations and Waves Demonstrations

The following demonstrations are available for lecture use. There is also a collection of demonstration videos. For access to these videos, please contact Wesley Ernst.

  1. 3A10 Pendula

    3A10.40 Variable g pendulum

  2. 3A70 Coupled oscillations

    3A70.10 Wilberforce pendulum

    3A70.20 Coupled pendula

  3. 3A80 Lissajous figures

    3A80.10 Lissajous sand pendulum

  4. 3A95 Non-linear systems

    3A95.52 Chaotic pendulum

  1. 3B10 Transverse pulses and waves

    3B10.30 Torsional waves

  2. 3B20 Longitudinal pulses and wave

    3B20.30 Longitudinal wave model

  3. 3B22 Standing waves

    3B22.10 Melde's vibrating string

  4. 3B30 Wave properties of sound

    3B30.30 Siren in vacuum

  5. 3B55 Interference and diffraction of sound

    3B55.40 Trombone

  6. 3B60 Beats

    3B60.20 Beats with speaker and oscilloscope

  1. 3D30 Resonance cavities

    3D30.35 Frequency tube

  2. 3D40 Resonance in plates, bars, solids

    3D40.15 Musical sticks

    3D40.30 Chladni plates

    3D40.55 Glass breaking with sound