Thermodynamics Demonstrations

The following demonstrations are available for lecture use. There is also a collection of demonstration videos. For access to these videos, please contact Wesley Ernst.

  1. 4A30 Solid expansion

    4A30.10 Bimetallic strip

    4A30.21 Ball and ring

  2. 4A40 Properties of materials at low temperatures

    4A40.10 Lead bell

    4A40.25 Rubber knife

    4A40.27 Rubber tubing in liquid nitrogen

  1. 4B60 Mechanical equivalent of heat

    4B60.17 Energy transfer balls

  2. 4B70 Adiabatic processes

    4B70.10 Fire syringe

  1. 4C30 Phase changes - liquid to gas

    4C30.34 Liquid nitrogen in film canister

  2. 4C31 Cooling by evaporation

    4C31.20 Freezing by boiling

    4C31.30 Drinking bird

  1. 4E20 Constant temperature

    4E20.40 Marshmallow and balloon in vacuum