Teaching Assistant Training and Mentorship Program (TATM)

The TA Training and Mentorship Program (TATM) is a ~8 hour, instructor-led program to help you build the strengths you need to be successful in your teaching assignments in the Department, and to apply these skills to your future career (teaching or not!).

The sessions spread throughout the year in order to let you apply what you are learning and bring your own experiences to the table. Typically, there are sessions in September Block Week, November Term Break, January Block Week, February Term Break, and near the end of Winter term in April. Beginning in the 2020/2021 academic year, you will receive the TATM Badge once you have completed the program.

Completing this training is mandatory in order to receive TA assignments after your first year in your graduate program. Contact the program coordinator, Dr Amanda Musgrove (amanda.musgrove@ucalgary.ca) if you have any questions about TATM content or scheduling.