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Several highly qualified graduate students within the Department of Chemistry offer tutoring services. Their contact information and areas of expertise are listed below. Many of them are also teaching assistants in undergraduate chemistry classes.

Any arrangement between you and a tutor is independent of the department. The department takes no responsibility in managing tutors. Tutors set their own rates and we encourage them to post them publicly to avoid any confusion.

Tutors that wish to post their contact information here should contact To avoid an obvious conflict of interest, graduate students cannot tutor students they provide grades for. This is in accordance with Faculty of Graduate Studies guidelines

Milanpreet Kaur

PhD Candidate

CHEM 351 and 353
$25 per hour

Pirouz Kiani

PhD Candidate

CHEM 201, 203, 209 and 353
$40 per hour (remote)

Maria Molina

PhD Candidate

CHEM 201, 203
$35 per hour (preferably remote)

Anna Niedzwiecka

PhD Candidate

CHEM 351 and 353
$40 per hour

Arnaud Pastor

PhD Candidate

CHEM 351, 353, 551, 559
$30 per hour

Ahmed Zaher

Master's Student

CHEM 201, 203, and 209
$35 per hour

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