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Biological and medicinal chemistry

Our researchers apply chemical principals to cellular and molecular biological problems. The central focus is the fundamental investigation of disease mechanisms, the interaction of toxins with biomolecules, the understanding of complex biological systems, and the development of potential therapeutic or pharmaceutical targets.

Chemical synthesis and catalysis

Researchers are developing ways to break and make chemical bonds in an efficient and controlled manner. We are working to design new molecules and control chemical transformations. This area of research is critical to the generation of materials and products spanning small molecules, polymers, supramolecular assemblies, bioactive compounds and solid-state materials

Computational chemistry and molecular modeling

Quantum chemical calculations are used to predict and understand processes and materials of relevance to biological, catalytic and energy-related applications. Our primary aim is to integrate density functional theory, molecular mechanics and molecular dynamics into statistical and stochastic methodologies. Our internationally-renowned researchers have also developed software that can determine the properties and reactivity of a wide variety of compounds.

Energy and environment

Our department is an international leader in the development of energy production, conversion and storage technologies that have minimal impact on the environment. This multidisciplinary task includes the development of fuel cell materials and photovoltaic technologies, the development of CO2 capture and storage materials, as well as applied catalysis and sulphur chemistry. Advanced analytical tools are applied to observe transformations of pollutant species in the air, water and food.

Nanotechnology and materials chemistry

Our researchers develop novel materials for applications in diverse areas such as energy storage, biomedicine, catalysis and magnetic materials.