CPSC Showcase 2021: Christopher Smith Videos

Christopher Smith (graduate student)
Class:  CPSC 601
Description: This project called “Lively Words” aims to help those learning a language to increase learning retention by provide a more engaging and memorable experience. This is done by utilizing augmented reality to enhance a word with characteristics or actions associated with the word’s meaning while retaining the environmental context of the word. The goal of this is for the user to create a direct association between a word and its meaning instead of first converting the word to a known context or language. To demonstrate this idea, a total of four prototype were designed for the words: “water”, “dog”, and “grow”. Through these designs, an early design space was created and resulted in each word’s augmentation falling into the categories: invocative, transformative, active, and interactive. Although still at an early stage, this project shows promise as a new way of enhancing language learning with many possibilities for the future.