People Centric Computing

Meet the faculty

John Aycock

Studying the implementation of old computer games, technical work with links to numerous areas of computer systems, including compilers, interpreters, programming languages, data compression, operating systems, computer security, reverse engineering, code obfuscation, and copy protection.

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Jörg Denzinger

Research interests, in general, include (Distributed) Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems. More precisely: Knowledge-based Search (Distribution Concepts and Learning to Improve Control); Multi-Agent Systems (Learning of Cooperative Behaviour, Testing of Multi-Agent Systems and Engineering of self-organizing Multi-Agent Systems); AI and Games (Automated Content Generation and Support for the Generation of NPCs). 

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Frank Maurer

Manages the Agile Surface Engineering group which conducts industry-oriented research on immersive analytics/immersive control and application engineering for digital surfaces.

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Guenther Ruhe

Leads the Software Engineering Decision Support (SEDS) laboratory which centers it's research on models, method and tools to facilitate better decision-making. Emphasis is on the early stages of the software life-cycle. In this research group there is an increasing focus on Analytics of Software Engineering Data as a means to extract information and to support decisions.

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Robert Walker

Manages the Laboratory for Software Modification Research, and has a research focus on developer and task-oriented software development support (i.e. practical tools for real problems). Recent projects have included API migration, pragmatic software reuse, structural compare & contrast, refactoring references, and recommendation systems for software engineering.

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