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Programs and Concentrations

Explore the three programs and nine concentrations we have to offer within Computer Science.


BSc Major Program

BSc Honours Program

Internship Programs


Computer Game Development

The philosophy of this concentration is to provide students with a solid foundation in Computer Science while exposing them to a thorough background in all aspects of computer game development and design.

Computer Graphics

Students will learn various techniques including implicit, procedural and precise contact modelling and simulation that can be used for many applications including gaming, animation, film, television and art.

Human Computer Interactions

Human Computer Interaction focuses on how both groups and individuals can interact with visual information, how we can understand what people really need, and how we can make sure our software is actually usable.

Information Security

Students taking this concentration will study subject material including cryptography, computer viruses, spam, and network security - while also gaining a solid foundation in computer sciences and mathematics.

Networks and Distributed Computing

Students will explore network communication, parallel computation and access & security requirements. The types of systems of interest include multi-agent, peer-to-peer, multimedia, grid, wireless Internet and sensor networks. 

Scientific Computation

Scientific Computation involves utilizing computational tools and structures used for scientific methods or applications such as bioinformatics, the human genome project and obtaining & managing information.

Software Engineering

Students will explore the design, implementation, testing, deployment and maintenance of software systems in a group environment using scientific methods to discover how and why different processes are utilized.

Theoretical Computer Science

Students taking the concentration should be very mathematically oriented as students will be exposed to various problem-solving techniques and algorithms, analytical thought, first-order logic.

Visualization and Analytics

Students will learn about the algorithms, tools and techniques that can be used to address these challenges with additional experience in data science, statistics and human computer interaction or computer graphics.