Department of Computer Science

Main department contact information

Location and mailing address

Department of Computer Science
602 ICT Building
University of Calgary
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary, AB, T2N 1N4

For General (non-student advising) inquiries contact:

Office opening hours

Monday to Friday: 8:30am - 12:00pm 
1:00pm - 4:30pm

Due to COVID-19 we are working remotely, please contact us via contact information below.

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Contact information for undergraduate students

The Department of Computer Science office at ICT 602 no longer provides student advising.  For any undergraduate student advising please use the following Undergraduate Science Centre contact information:


Virtual front desk at 403-220-8600

Undergraduate Science Centre website

Contact information for graduate students

For any graduate student advising please use the following Graduate Science Centre contact information:

Questions about our MSc and PhD programs? 

Questions about our Professional Certificate, Diploma, and Master programs?

Graduate Science Centre website

Undergraduate Learning Services

The ULS is comprised of a team of multidisciplinary technicians providing direct support for teaching labs in Science.

Undergraduate Learning Services Manager
Farzin Malekani

Please email Farzin Malekani if you have a support request or question.

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Manager, Experiential Learning
Position currently vacant

Danny Glin

Department Head

Christian Jacob

Dr. Christian Jacob

(403) 220-7682

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Events, Communications and Marketing

If you have identified a need and support for marketing, communications, events or student related activities, please complete the following request form to start the process of working together.

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  1. Emma Towlson

    Assistant Head - Undergraduate Curriculum

    Assistant Professor

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  2. Jeff Boyd

    Associate Head - Graduate Affairs

    Associate Professor 
    +1 (403) 220-6038

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  3. Marina Gavrilova

    Associate Head - Research and Strategic Planning

    +1 (403) 220-5105

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  4. Ryan Henry

    Associate Head - Teaching & Learning and Student Engagement

    Assistant Professor 
    +1 (403) 210-6307

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  5. Katie Ovens

    Interim Assistant Head - Communications and Outreach

    Assistant Professor

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  6. Pavol Federl

    Associate Head - Undergraduate Teaching and Learning

    +1 (403) 220-5103

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  7. Philip Fong

    Assistant Head - Prospective Graduate Students

    +1 (403) 210-6229

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  8. Robert Walker

    Assistant Head - Existing Graduate Students

    +1 (403) 210-9593

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  9. Rei Safavi-Naeini

    Assistant Head - Graduate Scholarships and Awards

    +1 (403) 210-5492

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  10. John Aycock

    Associate Head - Operations

    Associate Professor
    +1 (403) 210-9409

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  11. Benjamin Stephenson

    Associate Head - Operations

    Teaching Professor
    +1 (403) 220-6781

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  1. James Tam

    Senior Instructor
    +1 (403) 210-9455

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Undergraduate Affairs Committee

Pavol Federl (Associate Head, Undergraduate Teaching and Learning)
Emma Towlson (Assistant Head, Undergraduate Curriculum)
Wayne Eberly
Usman Alim
Leanne Wu
Colin Au Yeung (Ungrad Rep)
Fatemeh Poodeh (Grad Rep)


Graduate Affairs Committee

Jeffrey Boyd (Associate Head, Graduate Affairs)
Robert Walker (Assistant Head, Existing Graduate Students)
Philip Fong (Assistant Head, Prospective Graduate students)
Rei Safavi-Naeini (Assistant Head, Graduate Scholarships and Awards)
Zahra Aminolroaya (Graduate Student Rep)


Graduate Scholarships and Awards

Rei Safavi-Naeini (Assistant Head)
Guenther Ruhe
Jorg Denzinger
Mea Wang
Pavol Federl
Reda Alhajj


Research and Planning Committee

Marina Gavrilova (Associate Head)
Ehud Sharlin
Nelson Wong
Emma Towlson
Richard Zhao
Rei Safavi-Naini
Joel Reardon


Teaching and Learning Committee

TBD (Associate Head)
Wayne Eberley
Joel Reardon
Nelson Wong
Alexanna Little  (Undergrad Rep)
Zahra Aminolroaya (Grad Rep)


Safety Committee

Michael Jacobson Jr. (Chair)
Robin Cockett
Ryo Suzuki
Lora Oehlberg
Cory Yost (IT Rep)
Andrew Barnett (Undergrad Rep)
Edward Rochester (Grad Rep)
Chadwick Dawes (Staff Rep)


Communications and Outreach

Katie Ovens (Interim Assistant Head - Communications and Outreach)


Operations Committee

Ben Stephenson (Associate Head)
John Aycock (Associate Head)



Ben Stephenson (TUCFA Rep)
Lora Oehlberg (CMD Director)
Usman Alim (Data Science Program Director)
Michael John Jacobson Jr. (Information Security Program Director)
Ken Barker (Institute for Security, Privacy and Information Assurance Director)


  1. Leora Rabatach

    Director of Communications and Marketing

  2. Erin Guiltenane

    Communications Advisor