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Technical Facilities and Services


The chemistry instrumentation facility houses NMR, EPR and mass spectrometers, infrared and UV/visible spectrophotometers and other characterization instruments.

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Science stores

The science stores (SB 050) provides the department with chemicals, laboratory equipment, stationery, shipping and receiving services.

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Glass shop

Our glass shop is operated by Mark Toonen. The shop provides services for the Faculty of Science, the entire university campus and the general public.

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Electronics shop

The science electronics shop (SA 06) has facilities for diagnosis and repair of all types of chemical instrumentation and computing equipment.

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X-ray crystallography services

The X-ray crystallography laboratory is equipped with a state-of-the-art Enraf-Nonius APEXII CCD four circle diffractometer and a Bruker Smart APEXII three circle diffractometer.

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Science workshop

The science workshop provides technical support to many researchers and teachers in the Faculty of Science, as well as other university units.

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IT support

UCalgary's Central IT Support Centre offers a variety of hardware and software services, networking, and other support.

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Other services

The department provides a variety of general services including shared printing, laundry services, Chematix waste disposal and computing.

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