Science Electronics Shop


The Science Electronics Shop provides electronics support to researchers and teachers throughout the Faculty of Science and to the expanded University community. The Electronics shop has two Electronics Technologists who have a diverse complement of skills like design, fabrication and troubleshooting to help you. The Electronics Shop will be expanding and recruiting new technologists to expand our capabilities in the near future. Our Technologists have experience in the university setting and a thorough understanding of research needs, they are always available to provide insight and support.

Our Covid-19 Protocol

  • Work Orders are to be submitted electronically to the email, if our techs have questions they will message you further and if necessary schedule a Zoom meeting to discuss with you.
  • Please do not come to the Electronics Shop without scheduling with one of our Techs, they will instruct you on the proper protocol.
  • When dropping off an instrument to the Electronics Shop please schedule with one of our Techs. If you are unable to drop off an instrument due to weight or size we are able to pick it up for you, you will be charged for its pick up and drop off.
  • If you require a Tech to come to your lab, please communicate with our tech your spaces Covid-19 requirements and how you would like them to operate.
  • Techs will only work remotely on equipment that cannot be brought to the Shop.

Available Services

  • Instrumentation Troubleshooting
  • Instrumentation Repair
  • Electronics Design and Fabrication
  • Electronics Advising
  • Electronics Component Sourcing
  • Programming Assistance and Development
  • A store of common electronics replacement parts

Available Equipment

  • Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • DC High Current Power Supplies
  • Frequency and Signal Generators
  • High Precision Digital Multimeters
  • Digital Solder Reworking Stations
  • Fiber Optic Camera
  • A lot of application specific sensors and instruments. Ask us!

About the team

Richard Galambos

Richard Galambos

Technical III

Richard has worked for the University for over 20 years.  He is really good at solving complex, technical challenges. His passion is creative work that is functional and fascinating.  He is Junior Software Developer and a Senior Electronics Technologist (20+ Years Experience).  He is skilled with hardware design, research projects, technical writing, teaching, software development, data acquisition and automation. He enjoys problem-solving.  Richard is the Electronics Shop Team Lead.

“I use critical thinking and logical understanding to solve problems.  I am resourceful and love to find solutions with minimal resources. “

Duncan Hanna

Duncan Hanna

Technical II

Duncan has worked for the University for 5 years and strives to find the best solution to any problem. Experienced in circuit analysis and keen to make your research designs into reality.

A SAIT trained Electronics Technologist Duncan is a professional and driven member of our team.

Jimmy Omar

Jimmy Omar

Technical I

Jimmy has worked for the University for 3 years and will tackle any job thrown his way. Experienced in general troubleshooting, with a growing knowledge of circuit analysis and an extensive background of various trades, Jimmy is happy to help fix anything and everything!

As a graduated SAIT Electronics Technologist Jimmy values transparency and honesty, keeping clients up to date on all work progress and is a valued member of our team.