Chematix waste disposal.

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Chematix is an online system used to manage campus emergency contact information chemical inventory in labs and waste disposal protocols. 

Here are some instructions that will hopefully help guide you through the waste disposal procedure implemented at the university. Please note this is a two-step process. First, you must generate a waste card. Then you must submit a pickup worksheet. Follow all steps outlined below.

  • Log onto to the portal
  • Click on “Around Campus” tab
  • Navigate to "Stay Safe" and click on "Chematix"
  • Select "Click here to continue" on the left side of the page
  • Select "Waste Management"
  • Select "Create Waste Card"
  • Enter all information required on the work card
  • Print two copies (one for your records and on for the actual waste container)
  • Note the barcode issued on the waste card printout
  • Add barcode and printout to container

Now that you have completed a waste card, you must submit a pickup worksheet. After selecting the appropriate location, your waste card should be displayed. Click on waste to be picked up and submit.

Hazmat will pick up the waste at the specified location. Pick up days are Tuesday and Thursday. Hazmat can only access areas that are open or unlocked as they do not have master keys.

A laundry facility for washing lab coats is located in EEEL 063U. The room has an access key. Keys can be signed out from our main chemistry office in SB 605. We only have one key, so please return it promptly.

A high efficiency washer and dryer have been installed, but no detergent is provided, so please bring your own. Since these are high efficiency machines, only use high efficiency detergent (ensure HE is clearly marked on the detergent label); otherwise, you can damage the machines.

The facility is located in EEEL's basement. The two north side stairwells allow access to the basement level and the elevators are card-locked. Ensure your UCID card has the necessary permissions for basement access in EEEL. Megan can apply these permissions to your UCID card.

Please report any machine troubles to Facilities Customer Care at 403.220.7555 or by submitting an Archibus Work Request

Please visit our main office at SB 605 or email to obtain information on the location and information on our departmental Ricoh printers.

All Ricoh printers use a queue system. Job are released by swiping your Unicard or entering your UCID number. These queues are free but usage is monitored for excessive use.

There is also a full list of student printing locations across campus (available here).

For technical support related to the Ricoh printers, please contact Information Technologies at or (403) 220-5555.

Exams, theses and any other large print jobs must be sent to the campus print shop.

To find out information on our Smart Boards, please visit our main office at SB 605 or email

For more information on the SMART Board system and available online training, please visit

Extensive and varied computing is available. The department utilizes everything from high performance clusters through to dedicated instrumentation computers.