"The Life and Numbers of Richard Guy" Presentation

On June 21, 2016, Hugh Williams, Richard’s long-time friend and colleague, shared a glimpse into the life and research Dr. Richard Guy.   The public lecture presented by Hugh Williams titled "The life and numbers of Richard Guy" was presented as part of the schedule of talks that took place during the CNTA 2016 conference, which took place at the University of Calgary (June 20-24, 2016).

Over fifty years ago Richard Kenneth Guy joined the then Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science at the nascent University of Calgary. Although he retired from the University in 1982, he continued, even in his 100th year, to come in every day and work on the mathematics that he loved.

Long time friend and colleague Dr. Hugh Williams talked about the life and research of this most remarkable man.

Watch a video of Dr. William's presentation

Additional Video Tributes To Richard Guy for his 100th Birthday

Tribute from former student Divakar Bhargava, Engineer with Virginia Power, Richmond, Virginia

Tribute from Admiral Ravinder Bhatia, a former student from 1962-67 in India