LaTeX allows for the proper presentation of mathematical symbols and complex formulae.

Where to get LaTeX?

LaTex is a bundled set of software components put together in something called a distribution. The two key parts of the distribution are LaTeX and TeX, the underlying typesetting system upon which LaTeX operates. While TeX and LaTeX are available as free software from a number of different locations on the internet, we advise visiting the LaTeX project website for the latest information about the most current version. LaTeX and TeX distributions are available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

How to learn more about LaTeX?

The LaTeX project documentation page includes links to the latest version of the project's documentation and a number of guides written by active participants in the LaTeX community. In particular, Getting to Grips with LaTeX is an excellent free online resource. The documentation page also includes links to a number of videos on specialized LaTeX tasks.