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CMS Regional Camp

The Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) Regional Math Camp brings together mathematically inclined school students in Alberta with the goal of providing opportunities for networking and training in mathematics and mathematical problem solving. Participation in the camp is by invitation only. Mathematical and social activities are designed to foster individual and collaborative problem solving experiences. The activities also expose the participants to mathematical enrichment and research topics, and provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for friendship development. The format is intended to give all participants time to think, interact, discuss common interests, and promote collaboration.

    2017 CMS Camp attendees.

    2022 Update

    The 2022 CMS Regional Math Camp (Alberta) will be held at the University of Alberta. Please contact Sean Graves sgraves@ualberta.ca for details.

    2019 CMS Regional Math Camp

    If you have any questions, please contact Lauren DeDieu at mathcamp@ucalgary.ca.


    • Lauren DeDieu
    • Jerrod Smith
    • Thuntida Ngamkham
    • Ryan Morrill
    • Armando Paulino Preciado Babb
    • Michael Cavers

    Final reports


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