Junior Math Contest

The junior math contest is a 90 minute mathematics contest that takes place every spring. While the exam is primarily for Grade 9 students, all junior high students attending schools in Calgary and surrounding districts are eligible. Participants write the exam in their own school.

Prizes are available for both schools and individuals and include trophies, medals and a cash award to the student achieving the highest mark. Top students and their teacher sponsors are invited to the awards banquet at the University of Calgary.

In March, junior high schools in the Calgary area receive contest registration information. Our registration material is not normally directed to elementary schools, but if any school feels they have one or more exceptional students who could benefit from our contest, we invite them to enter as well.

L'examen est aussi disponible en français.

Important dates

Application deadline: March 29, 2019

Contest date: May 1, 2019

Marking session: May 15, 2019

Awards banquet: June 13, 2019

To enter, please consult the following documents