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Calgary Junior Math Contest

The junior math contest is a 90 minute mathematics contest that takes place every spring. While the exam is primarily for Grade 9 students, all junior high students attending schools in Calgary and surrounding districts are eligible. Participants write the exam as arranged by their school.

Prizes are available for both schools and individuals and include trophies, medals and a cash award to the student achieving the highest mark. Top students and their teacher sponsors are invited to an awards event, which may be in person or virtual

In March, junior high schools in the Calgary area receive contest registration information. Our registration material is not normally directed to elementary schools, but if any school feels they have one or more exceptional students who could benefit from our contest, we invite them to enter as well.

View exam (and solutions) and contest results for 2023

47th Calgary Junior High School Mathematics Contest

The Calgary Junior High School Mathematics Contest is back for 2024. The exam will take place the morning of Wednesday May 1, 2024 in a classroom at your school. Writing the contest will last for one and one half hours.

The contact teachers will be asked to print out copies of the examination for students writing in class and to scan the results and submit them for marking.

Details about how the competition will be offered and how it will be marked will be sent in a more detailed information sheet to teachers who register their students for the contest.

The exam is primarily for Grade 9 students; however, all junior high students attending schools in Calgary and surrounding districts are eligible. Please limit the number of participants to approximately 10% of the Grade 9 population in your school.

School and individual prizes will include trophies, medals, and a cash award to the students achieving in the Top 3. We are planning an in-person awards event in June to which top students, their teacher sponsors, as well as family members will be invited.

Marking Session: Volunteers are needed to help mark the examination after school hours on Thursday, May 9, 2024 in a collaborative session using ZOOM. We request that each participating school provide at least one marker, and we recommend at least one marker volunteer per 25 students writing the contest from a participating school.

There will be no charges for participation in the 2024 contest.

To register your school, please fill out the online Google Form by April 17, 2024:

If you have any questions, please contact Robert Woodrow: woodrow@ucalgary.ca


  • Mathematics Council of the Alberta Teachers’ Association
  • Calgary Board of Education
  • Calgary Catholic School District
  • Faculties of Science and the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary
  • Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Calgary
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