Technovation 2019 Senior Division Teams

View the apps developed by our ten 2019 Senior Division Teams!

Timberwolves Logo

Team Name:  Timberwolves
App Name:  Mutatio
School:  Bishop McNally High School

Description: Mutatio is skill sharing app, connecting people all around the world to help other people in different areas, communities, and possibly nations. App users will join in discussions and meet other people who are passionate about different problems. Everyone is different. You can share your ideas, topics, skills, and charities that relate to their cause and interests. Our users can connect to charities which are able to communicate and have an insight to those who works and volunteers in their chosen charities. We create a pathway where everyone can help anyone and we do it together as a pack, as the Timberwolves.

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Centennial Logo

3rd Place Award

Team Name:  Centennial
App Name:  CYTE
School:  Centennial High School


In Canada today, there are millions of unemployed, but talented individuals who cannot obtain jobs. Immigrants are the vast majority of people in Canada who are facing the difficulty of obtaining a job due to language barriers and misaligned educational systems. Through CYTE, candidates are connected with potential employers who will assess them based on their skills and talent, rather than their previous education. Our app will notify users about new job recommendations and have a job search that can filter for relevant jobs. This app provides alternative services such as connecting users with organizations for learning opportunities. CYTE - Connecting You To Employers.

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Essist Logo

Team Name:  Essist
App Name:  Homework Helper
School:  John G. Diefenbaker High School

Description: When it comes to getting homework assistance, Homework Helper takes the best features of vending machines; convenience, flexibility, speed and just what you need, right when you need it.  We connect students with top rated tutors who help answer questions that students are struggling with. Using our rating and level system, every tutor has the chance to earn cash based on merit. Homework Helper does not stop there! We are committed to continuous improvement. Each teacher is provided with a unique online classroom space where they use our dashboard, analytics, and reporting tools to identify student areas of need. Teachers,Students, Tutors – everyone wins.

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Zeal Innovation Logo

Team Name:  Zeal Innovation
App Name:  ecoscan
School:  Medicine Hat High School

Description: Ecoscan offers motivation and encouragement so that you can be a part of a beneficial environmental change! It provides useful resources so that you can be informed and eager to recycle. Features of Ecoscan: 1)  Scanning feature, which allows you to simply scan a recyclable and find information on closest drop off locations, what your product will become and more environmentally friendly alternatives; 2)  Virtual tree, this fun feature allows you to grow a tree based off of your progress in recycling. For every 10 active users, one physical tree will be planted by our team; 3)  Share your progress and compete with friends!

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Hive Hub Logo

1st Place Award

Team Name:  Hive Hub
App Name:  Helping Bees
School:  Notre Dame High School

Description: In our community there is a disconnect between volunteers and opportunities. There is no centralized resource that lists current postings which makes it frustrating to find volunteer opportunities. Our app “Helping Bees” is a central platform that allows companies to post listings that will be pushed to active volunteers. The users will be able to filter current volunteer postings by age, location, time, and date. This will allow volunteers to find opportunities of interest that work within their busy schedules. Our app will streamline the volunteer process making it easier for volunteers and companies alike.

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SF Sketchy Bears Logo

Team Name:  SF Techy Bears
App Name:  Mobility
School:  Saint Francis High School

Description: Mobilly is designed to help junior and senior high students struggling to find success in their mathematical studies. This app will be able to provide students with gamified content such as competitive activities against other students, and completing achievements to receive rewards. Mobilly will also allow students to connect with one another to assist each other. As well we offer students Premium content  which they can work and practice on at anytime and any place.

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Webber App Logo

Team Name:  Webber
App Name:  AMELIA
School:  Webber Academy

Description:  AMELIA aims to distribute usable medical equipment to those who need it, both here in Canada and around the world. Health policies and rapid innovation in Canada contribute to frequent disposal of usable medical equipment. However, many people are denied access to healthcare globally because they or their healthcare institutions lack the medical equipment they need.Through our app, potential Canadian donors can easily identify what medical equipment is needed and communicate directly with recipient organizations to coordinate transportation. While enhancing lives, donors can, therefore, offload medical equipment they do not use, and recipient organizations can expedite their operations.

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Toolbox App Logo

Team Name:  ToolboXX
App Name:  ODDJOB
School:  Western Canada High School

Description: ODDJOB is a mobile app for students and homeowners that can help reconnect the community in order to empower students. This platform is a place where homeowners can post jobs on the fly, and students that want a little extra cash can pick up some work during their free time. The app provides income opportunities for students with unpredictable schedules, and helps busy students to earn work experience. It allows students to easily see if there is available work in their area, and also features an in app messaging system for ease of access and security.

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Western Girls App Logo

2nd Place Award

Team Name:  Western Girls
App Name:  My Tutors
School:  Western Canada High School

Description: My Tutors aims to replace outdated and ineffective methods of seeking tutoring such as “word of mouth” by providing an efficient and reliable platform to connect tutors and students. The app equips tutors with a digital channel to advertise their service and earn steady income. By creating a personalized profile, searching for and contacting tutors and/or students is made easy. The implemented rating system, adjustable filters and in-app messaging helps students find reliable and personalized tutoring. Users can also manage their busy schedules directly within the app, arranging meetings when it’s convenient for them. Whether you are a student or a tutor or both, My Tutors is the convenient, accessible and personalized “Word of Mouth”.

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WCS App Logo

Team Name:  WCS
App Name:  emPOWer
School:  Westmount Charter School

Description: Empower is a mobile library that instills empathy in children through storytelling.  The apps exclusive stories and artworks are based on real experiences of bullying, submitted by local individuals. The goal of the stories are to empower and boost morale in children at a young age, by teaching them the adversities and hardships that others face in life. Children will have the option to read along, or have the story read out loud to them through the app. After finishing a story, users will answer questions to reflect upon what they learned. Parents will be able to view progress, and can see what lessons their children have been taught.

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