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The Science Internship Program offers students in the Faculty of Science the opportunity to participate in 8 to 16 consecutive months of work experience.  Work must be full time and paid. Internship is an academic program, successful completion of this program leads to the Science Internship Designation, which appears on your academic transcript and degree parchment.

Application and Admission Information

The application for the Science Internship Program is available through Elevate. The next deadline to apply is February 1, 2023.

To be eligible for admission, students must have:

  • 60 units in progress or completed
  • a minimum 18 degree-required units remaining after the winter semester*
  • met the required 2.0 GPA, calculated on the most recent 30 weighted units as of February 1
  • a basic resume and cover letter – these should be basic starting points that we will help you build off of and improve. See Elevate for instructional videos.

*Please email if you have questions regarding your specific circumstances.

Path to internship

No. The Science Internship Program requires a student to complete 8-16 consecutive months of work experience in addition to your academic requirements. Since it does not fulfill any existing course requirements, completing an internship will typically add 8-16 months to a student’s degree program.

Schedule an appointment with a Program Advisor in the Undergraduate Science Centre to discuss how to fit the Science Internship Program into your degree and how it may affect your course progression.

Being enrolled in the Science Internship Program allows you to apply your knowledge and skills, gain a competitive edge through real industry experience, develop your networks, discover career options, and earn a full time salary. The Science Internship Program will be reflected on your transcript and parchment as the Science Internship Designation. For every four month work term, a student will be enrolled in an INTE course which allows the student to be recognized by the university as a full time student, even though they are not taking any academic courses. Being recognized as a full time student allows student rates to be applied to UPass, student loans, housing etc.

Students must return from their work terms on an academic term. In order to be eligible for admission and to participate in a work term, students must have at least 9 required units remaining in their degree.

Students admitted to the Science Internship Program are required to pay a $50 admission fee. Course fees are assessed for each course at the time the INTE course is registered. The cost of a four month work term is available in the fees schedule in the University of Calgary Calendar.

A resume and cover letter are the basic tools you need to apply for jobs. For the Science Internship Program application, we require you write a basic resume and cover letter, targeted to the Science Internship Program. Career Services offers a wealth of online and in person resources for creating both a resume and cover letter. Once you are admitted to the Science Internship Program, you will also have access to a number of exclusive workshops including how to improve your resume and cover letter, interview skills and networking. A good place to start for now are the career clips created by Career Services.