Science Advising Mobile Check In

The Undergraduate Science Centre now uses QLess to make drop-in appointments easier than ever! Students will be able to join the line from anywhere via text, app, or website, eliminating long lines and making science advising more accessible than ever. Advising appointments are provided in-person or via phone. Please note Program Advising is not provided via email.

Mobile Check In Now!

Simply text “UCalgary Science” to 587.816.8053 to join the virtual line or to book an appointment.

When you’re in the virtual line, you can text these letters for more information:

  • Text S to check your status
  • Text L to leave the line
  • Text H to ask for help
  • Text M if you need more time
  • Text N# to find out the number of minutes before your appointment
  • Text J to be added back to the line if you removed yourself by accident
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Coming Soon

The Undergraduate Science Centre is currently using the QLess system for drop-in advising, and the Success portal to book advising appointments. In October 2019, the QLess system will be used for both drop-ins and booked appointments. Please continue to check our website for updates. Advising appointments are provided in-person or via phone. Please note Program Advising is not provided via email.

Ways to Join the Queue

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Text 587-816-8053 to get in line now!

Check out our FAQS below

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Head over to the QLess website to get in line!

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Download the QLess app for iOS or Android!

QLess Check In FAQs

QLess is a system our students can use to virtually check in from anywhere on campus. The Undergraduate Science Centre is excited to use the QLess system to provide more accessible services for students, especially during high volume times.

Students can check in for drop-in advising via text message, the QLess website, or the QLess app, directions above. Students can still check in at the front desk, however students are encouraged to use their mobile phones to check in to reduce line ups.

You can view the USC website with advising hours and updates here.

You will get regular notifications about your wait time. You can move freely around and wait wherever you would like on campus. You will get a notification when your appointment is 10 minutes away.

Yes! You can make an appointment via the Success portal. Please note that as of October 2019 all booked appointments will be done through QLess. Please continue to check our website for updates.

No, students can check in at the front desk in SB 149 if they do not have access to a mobile phone, or they can check in on a computer using the QLess website.

You will receive a notification by text when you are 10 minutes from the front of the line, and another notification at the time of your appointment. You can also text “S” to check your status in line.

Yes, all students who book an appointment for a future date through the Success portal will get a reminder 24 hours in advance via their UCalgary email.

Once you arrive at the USC for your appointment, please check in with our receptionist and have a seat in our waiting area. A USC staff member will come and meet you at the time of your appointment.

No, your phone number will only be used to send you check in notifications.

No, students do not have to be current students or have a UCID to join the virtual queue. If you do not have a UCID number, you will enter 0 as your UCID.

If you are checked in for a drop-in appointment, simply text “L” to leave the drop-in queue.

If you have booked an appointment through the Success portal, you can cancel it on the website. Please note you must cancel your appointment at least 24 hours before or your booking privileges may be restricted.