Incoming Exchange Student Prerequisite Verification and Course Request Form

Welcome to the Faculty of Science!

Whether you’re a science major at your home institution or looking to take some science options during your exchange, we’re glad to have you join our community. For most courses, pre-requisite requirements need to be confirmed before registration approval is granted. Course descriptions and pre-requisite requirement information is available in the University Calendar.

If you are requesting courses in multiple departments you must fill out and submit this form separately for each department.  For example: If you are interested in MATH 211 and MATH 271, fill out and submit the form for those courses for the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. If you are also interested in CHEM 201, CHEM 209 and CHEM 301, please fill out and submit the form separately again for the Department of Chemistry.  If you do not know which department to submit the form to, please contact for help.

Before you submit the form to the department, make sure ALL other supporting documents are uploaded. This includes course syllabi (syllabuses) or other materials. Not including all necessary documents makes it difficult for the department to evaluate your course requests and may cause unnecessary confusion and delays.

Please also note that you cannot save the form mid-way through filling it out and come back to it later, so we advise that you have all your documentation ready for your submission. 

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