Computer Science

Masters (MSc) Thesis-based - Interdisciplinary

Students may be registered for an inter-disciplinary M.Sc. or Ph.D. in two departments of the University. This requires the agreement of both departments and joint supervision from the two Departments.

Students have enrolled in interdisciplinary programs in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics & Statistics, Computer Science and Philosophy, and Computer Science and Art.

The interdisciplinary program is intended for exceptionally well-qualified students who have a research program that necessarily bridges two disciplines. Those applicants with an interest in this possibility should indicate this on their application forms. It is important to to have already contacted potential supervisors in the departments involved before submitting the program application.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies has a defined policy for these programs.


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Computational Media Design (CMD) Program

The Computational Media Design (CMD) graduate program is composed of the Faculty of Science: Department of Computer Science, the Faculty of Environmental Design and the Faculty of Arts: School of Creative and Performing Arts and Department of Art.

Students can earn graduate degrees, both Master of Science and PhD. The research-based graduate degrees explore the relationships between and among art, design, science and technology.

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