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Program Description and Purpose

  • Connecting to University of Calgary Physics and Astronomy students to the classroom or homework environments with grades six, eight and nine students. We can also accommodate other grade levels.
  • The information and resources presented by Team Astro is curriculum linked. We cover topics in sky science, light and optics and space exploration.
  • Moderated by Rothney Astrophysical Observatory staff, sessions are offered to your classroom or as homework hangouts in a mentor style format.
  • Sessions can be formed by a group of students in a classroom or a homework session setup by educators at schools or home school groups. The program is designed to support classroom projects or complex astrophysics topics with question and answer sessions, resources and an opportunity for grade school learners with answers Provide definitions, examples, demonstrations and research related answers to concepts covered in the classroom. Fulfil RAO mission to offer science resources and support to educators.
  • Your students will have an opportunity to interact with University of Calgary students who will be happy to discuss all things astrophysics and astronomy, but also share their own academic experience.


Program Delivery

  • Communicating prior to the session allows us to create a program that has clear objectives and specific to the needs of your students.
  • 30 or 40 minute sessions including orientation, introductions, Q and A, interactive problem solving, define terms and concepts and provide suggested resources.
  • We start our sessions with clear guidelines, protocols, etiquette and expectations on learners.
  • The program design involves questions and answer format. We will have a How to Astronomy ready to go in case of a lull in the questions. We will do our best to consider levels of engagement and utilize tools of interactive capacities of web forum to create a meaningful experience for your students.


How to Book a Session

  • Contact the RAO and let us know the date and time that you would like to book a session.
  • We will send you a confirmation email as well as confirm provider. The University of Calgary uses Zoom, but we can link into your system.
  • Let us know the focus of the session and we will be ready to go on the date of the session.
  • Programs will be offered starting October 18 to December 1, then we will start the program again in January 3, 2022
  • Session are offered during school hours 9am to 2pm and early evening between 6pm to 8pm.
  • Sessions are offered free of charge to schools and home school groups.
  • We do not offer individual or one on one tutoring.