Elecronics shop

Science Electronics Shop

We are here to support your project

Our Electronics Shop will help design, fabricate and troubleshoot your electronics challenges.

Our Electronics Shop provides electronics support to research and teaching throughout the Faculty of Science.  We also offer service to the University of Calgary extended community.

Our diversely skilled Electronics Technologists are available for consultations and guidance.

Our Service Protocol

  • Work Orders are to be submitted electronically to the scielectronics@ucalgary.ca email. If our techs have questions, they contact you directly. Scheduling a Video Call is also an option.
  • Please do not come to the Electronics Shop without scheduling a visit. A Tech will instruct you on the proper protocols for in-person meetings.
  • When delivering work to the Electronics Shop, please schedule a time in advance. If you cannot drop off an instrument due to weight or size, we can pick it up for you. There will be a charge for pick up and delivery.
  • If you require a Tech to come to your lab, please communicate with the Shop through scielectronics@ucalgary.ca
  • Techs will only work with 'on-site' equipment if it cannot be transported to the Electronics Shop.

Available Services

We are here to help offer insight into your research needs, including:

  • Service and repair, maintenance, and instrument calibration
  • Schematic capture, PCB design, and project documentation
  • Materials and parts sourcing
  • Instrument and test equipment consulting
  • Software development, data acquisition, and control systems design
  • Product evaluation and consultation


Available Equipment

  • Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • DC High Current Power Supplies
  • Frequency and Signal Generators
  • High Precision Digital Multimeters
  • Digital Solder Reworking Stations
  • Fiber Optic Camera
  • A lot of application specific sensors and instruments. Ask us!
Richard Galambos (Technical III)

Richard Galambos

Richard has worked for the University for over 20 years. He is really good at solving complex, technical challenges. His passion is creative work that is functional and fascinating. He is Junior Software Developer and a Senior Electronics Technologist (20+ Years Experience). He is skilled with hardware design, research projects, technical writing, teaching, software development, data acquisition and automation. He enjoys problem-solving. Richard is the Electronics Shop Team Lead.

Jaden Sprong

Jaden Sprong

Jaden is a graduate of SAIT’s Electronics Engineering Technology Program with a background of industry experience in military avionics, consumer electronics, and customer service. Jaden is passionate about automation, sustainability, digital systems and data acquisition. He is eager to take on challenges in repair and design and is thrilled to support the Faculty of Science. Outside of work, Jaden enjoys skiing, playing open-world and strategy games, and programming, as well as learning how to cook Vietnamese food.