Charge Rates for Projects

The Science Workshop will charge via IDB to GL Internal Expense account 69030 - Other Purchased Service. All services provided by the Science Workshop are subsidised by the Faculty of Science; the amount of subsidy varies according to the end use. The cost of all materials used is recovered and labour is charged at the following rates per hour.

Projects and Associated Costs

General Operation (DeptID 12XXX, Fund 10)
Cost:  $25 per hour

Undergraduate Teaching (DeptID 12XXX)
Cost:  $10 per hour
* Requires Dept. Head signature
* Maximum 100
hours per department per year

Research Trust (DeptID 12XXX)
Cost:  $25 per hour

Research Contract (All DeptIDs)
Cost:  $50 per hour

Non-Faculty of Science
Cost:  $50 per hour

Non-University (For comparison only)
Cost:  $100-150 per hour