George Shimizu

Professor, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science

Dr. Shimizu’s research focuses on the preparation and characterization of novel porous solids, and has applications to carbon capture and energy management. He has a strong history with innovation that includes activities such as: 1) product focused research with industrial partners Inventys, Wilson Analytical, and PurLucid Treatment Solutions; 2) engagement with innovation-centric not-for-profits such as Innovate Calgary and Carbon Management Canada Research Institutes; and 3) spinning-out a startup based on his research, ZoraMat Solutions Inc., with two PhD graduates, Dr. Roger Mah and Dr. Jared Taylor. ZoraMat Solutions was formed in the summer of 2018, and negotiated a license to the CALF20 material from Innovate Calgary in April 2019. Since then, they have signed Material Transfer Agreements with new partners who are testing CALF20/Zoralite.

Among other projects, he has worked on the development of handheld H2S sensors for monitoring crude oil in transit, for which he received an NSERC Engage/Engage Plus Grant to support a Wilson Analytical Services/Transport Canada project, and using his knowledge of metal organic frameworks (MOFs) to develop powders to coat membranes for water treatment alongside two collaborating partners (David Bromley Engineering and PurLucid Treatment Solutions).

Dr. Shimizu plans to increase understanding of innovation and entrepreneurial processes among students in teaching CHEM425 Industrial Chemistry. He will continue innovation activities such as commercializing new technologies from his research, mentoring graduate students with an interest in innovation, and continued engagement as Chief Scientific Officer at ZoraMat Solutions, for which the university is a stakeholder. The ZoraMat Solutions team will be seeking venture partners over the next 18 months; the group plans to expand the manufacture and use of their product as much as possible for a maximum valuation when dealing with investors.

Dr. George Shimizu

Over the past 5 years, I have had a lot of different experiences in the innovation realm, and I share them with students. While the end goal of innovation is to seek wider knowledge transfer, I have found it rewarding to see my students’ mindsets change with a broader training experience. Their goals now extend beyond putting out publications.

Dr. George Shimizu