Venkataraman Thangadurai

Professor, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science
Associate Head, Faculty of Graduate Studies

Dr. Thangadurai’s research area is in solid-state materials science and technology. His current research includes the development of next generation all-solid-state batteries for energy storage, and solid oxide fuels cells (SOFCs) for energy conversion. Not only will his research impact the future of electrical mobility, it also has positive implications for our environment by reducing greenhouse carbon dioxide emissions, and economic benefits by creating advanced technologies for a sustainable future.

As founder and science advisor for Ion Storage Systems, a solid-state battery company in Maryland, Dr. Thangadurai understands the connection between research and business. Working with industry, Dr. Thangadurai continues to build research capacity for his field, as well as develop and improve battery technology based on industry requirements. A current collaboration project with Geometric Energy Corporation looks at developing an all-solid-state sodium ion battery for energy storage. Dr. Thangadurai’s expertise in battery technology is internationally recognized and he is routinely invited to speak and present at technical events worldwide. Most recently, he presented at the Beijing WeLion New Energy Technology Co. Ltd., China and the Ford Motor Company, US.

Dr. Thangadurai will utilize this innovation fellowship in developing entrepreneurial and innovation initiatives. He is coaching one of his PhD students to lead a start-up company for lithium sulphur battery development. The IP related with this opportunity has been protected and discussion are underway for the candidate’s training with the Foresight-Platform Launch Program. Secondly, he is working towards establishing a western Canadian battery innovation hub at the University of Calgary. This hub will advance next generation battery technologies and position the University as a key player, both, nationally and internationally in this research field.

In addition to the above, Dr. Thangadurai will provide innovation and entrepreneurial mentorship to undergraduate and graduate students and establish set office hours at the Hunter Hub to help with the mentoring process. To boost the innovation activities at the University of Calgary, Dr. Thangadurai plans to collaborate with the University of Alberta, Innovate Calgary, and Western Canadian Economic Development (WCED) to organize a number of events where researchers, industry experts and stakeholders can explore commercialization and innovation, as well as look for business development opportunities.

Dr. Venkataraman Thangadurai

The Parex Innovation Fellowship provides a great opportunity to transform the proof-of-the concept research into real world applications and also enables direct connections with students and colleagues who are interested in entrepreneurial activities.

Dr. Venkataraman Thangadurai, PhD