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Students, faculty and staff:

As the COVID-19 pandemic changes how we are teaching, learning, researching and working, we want to thank you for the extraordinary effort and sense of community shown by each of you during this challenging time. We are so proud of how you’re adapting to a new way of learning and working. By leaning on and supporting one another, we will get through this.

We know that while we are taking steps to physically distance ourselves, we now, more than ever, want to be socially connected.

In an effort to stay connected and engaged with each other, we have established this space for you to thank your peers and co-workers, and let them know you’re thinking about them; it’s also a one-stop place for you to connect to various activities and resources offered to you through the university. 

Our Faculty community is only successful because of you, and it’s through you that we will continue to make a difference for our students, faculty, and staff during these challenging times. If you are struggling, please remember there are a number of mental health resources available to you.  We urge you to be kind to yourself and others.

Please take a moment to recognize a champion of science today for making noteworthy contributions to our community. Share your stories, your thanks, and your hints and tips with all of us…because we are #UCalgaryTogether.

Stay healthy and stay connected!

Lesley Rigg
Dean, Faculty of Science

Steve Vamosi
Associate Dean, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Faculty of Science

Image of Dean of Science Lesley Rigg

Lesley Rigg

Associate Dean, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Faculty of Science

Steve Vamosi

Science Community Resources

These resources can help you find information on wellness, connect with the campus community and recognize a person or group in our community for their hard work and accomplishments during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Wellness Resources

If you are struggling, please remember there are a number of mental health resources available to students, faculty and staff.

Campus Community

Campus Community

Resources are here to support students, faculty, staff, alumni and all our communities during this unprecedented time.

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Give Recognition

Recognize a champion of science for the positive impact they have had to the Science Community.  Some of your stories will be shared here.

Your Shared Stories

Suzanne worked fiercely and tirelessly to equip us support staff with all of the tools necessary to succeed working at home. She definitely worked longer hours than healthy to do this, and she checked up on all of the stakeholders on each of our projects. At the same time, Suzanne reminded us that we are valued, even as we struggle to retain productivity in this strange time."

Support staff member in the Department of Physics & Astronomy, March 27, 2020

...Technician Farzin Malekani is an indispensable member of the Environmental Science team, whether in a pandemic or not. He goes above and beyond to keep student projects running smoothly, and puts in many hours outside the normal 9-5. As with many of us, Farzin has been juggling work life and parenting a small child, but has still been working to keep student projects functioning and the lab operational (until recently). Thank you Farzin for stepping up."

Dan Shugar, March 26, 2020

...Dr. Ariane Cantin was hired in January, 2020 as a half-time limited term instructor for Biology 313 (Principles of Ecology); home to 353 undergrads and 9 TAs. This course is a bit of a beast: it is large, has 18 labs, AND employs many authentic/experiential teaching techniques, not the least of which is Team-based learning (72 teams!). It is an enormous undertaking for anyone, let alone a new Instructor! All semester, Ariane has been thoroughly engaged with the students, and TAs, and has worked her butt off to learn and master every detail of how this course runs. She has been an excellent leader and learner in her new role.

The COVID-19 situation on campus has not thrown Ariane off one bit: she remains dedicated to and compassionate with her students, she has adapted to delivering course material online without skipping a beat, and remains tirelessly supportive of her students and teaching team. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with such an inspiring person :)"

Louise Hahn, March 26, 2020

...Karen has sending out daily “hello” emails to our BioSci grad students asking if they are ok and if anyone needs help. This is exactly what we need right now as we try to bring our community together while being apart!  Stay well and thanks Karen!"

Sean Rogers, March 26, 2020

— their incredible support of our students in this difficult times is appreciated by all of us."

Steven Vamosi, March 25, 2020

...for graduate students in Biological Sciences, who are navigating changes and delays to the way they teach, conduct research, and maintain community.”

Steven Vamosi, March 25, 2020