Samira Siahrostami

Celebrating International Women's Day 2022

Our Faculty is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion of women in STEM. All voices should be heard and valued, not just on International Women's Day, but every day.

From our world-leading researchers to our brilliant students and outstanding staff, we proudly prove that the Faculty of Science is home to women excelling in their chosen fields. As we mark International Women's Day 2022, we've compiled a list of some of the achievements by women in the Faculty of Science over the last year.

Read on to discover more about some of the outstanding accomplishments by women in the Faculty of Science.

Isabelle Weidemann

Speedskater Isabelle Weidemann wins her third Olympic medal for Canada

First a bronze, then a silver, then a gold — UCalgary science student makes repeated trips to Beijing 2022 podium (Isabelle Weidemann, student, Natural Sciences).

Dr. Belinda Heyne

Global study investigates decontamination methods for medical masks

Research collaboration could help alleviate shortages of personal protective equipment (Belinda Heyne, Chemistry)

Dr. Kristin Baetz

New science dean looks forward to playing role in ‘transformative’ strategy

Dr. Kristin Baetz says the opportunities and the impact that science can have on the greater community are endless.

Heather Clitheroe

Science fiction writing workshop led by Faculty of Science brings dreams to life

Partnership with Calgary Public Library results in anthology Getting to Proxima b (Heather Clitheroe, staff).

Manpreet Sahota

Heart-led leadership key to success for science grad

Manpreet Sahota, BSc'21 (Biological Sciences), recommends ‘following your gut’ when it comes to crafting undergraduate experience.

Dr. Jayne Rattray

Study sheds light on how life survives in Earth’s deepest, darkest environment

University of Calgary biologists probe microorganisms hidden in 'deep biosphere' (Jayne Rattray, research associate, Biological Sciences).

Dr. Darla Zelenitsky

Perfectly preserved dinosaur embryo discovered inside its fossilized egg

International team of researchers find that baby dinosaurs prepared for hatching in a manner comparable with modern-day birds (Darla Zelenitsky, Geoscience).

Synergia Biotech team

Grounded in UCalgary research, visionary startup aims for global blue dye market

Synergia Biotech ramps up plans to produce phycocyanin, a natural source of blue for food and beverage industry (Angela Kouris, research associate & Christine Sharp, former staff).

Dr. Kyla Flanagan

Kyla Flanagan’s teaching excellence honoured with McCaig-Killam Teaching Award

Innovative teaching helps forge a path for students to get excited about scientific discovery (Kyla Flanagan, Biological Sciences).

Kendra Wannamaker

'Infinite' learning possibilities inspire creative computer science grad

Kendra Wannamaker, MSc'21, says computer science is at its best when students incorporate personal perspectives.

Dr. Belinda Heyne

Innovation is the equivalent of art – it’s creation

Peak Scholar Belinda Heyne (Chemistry) answers questions about how innovation shapes her research and teaching practice, and why commercialization isn’t a dirty word.

Dr. Samira Siahrostami

Novel catalyst at core of new tech aimed at increasing access to potable water

Samira Siahrostami (Chemistry) part of international research team producing hydrogen peroxide for on-site, on-demand water treatment.

ChemEscape team in 2018

New consulting company encourages learning through activities and games

Innovation, teamwork at heart of ChemEscape Consulting Inc. (Marissa Clapson, Shauna Schechtel, Vivian Mozol, Chemistry)

Dr. Jennifer D. Adams

New study will unearth experiences of racialized students in Western Canada

UCalgary scholar Jennifer D. Adams (Chemistry) aims to transform STEM culture by sharing accounts of marginalization and survivance.

Dr. Mindi Summers

Caught the bug? So did Zoology 435 students!

Online course takes hands-on approach to researching biodiversity (Mindi Summers, Biological Sciences).

Dr. Rei Safavi-Naini

Computer science and business profs advise Bank of Canada on digital currency

Interdisciplinary team selected to propose a framework that supports centralized digital cash (Rei Safavi-Naini, Computer Science).

Margaret Cramm

Study of natural hydrocarbon seep in Arctic reveals methane degrading bacteria

Underwater samples used to learn more about life on Arctic seabed (Margaret Cramm, MSc'17, Geoscience).

Chinook Blast

Artists and scientists create dazzling window displays in downtown Calgary

Art of Science exhibition inspired by scientific research at UCalgary can now be enjoyed online (Mindi Summers - Biological Science, Marina Gavrilova - Computer Science, others).

Elizabeth Elliott

UCalgary training sweet spot for elite skiers gearing up for world championships

Four students head to Finland to represent Canada at Nordic Junior World Ski Championships (students Elizabeth Elliott, Beth Granstrom, Annika Richardson).

Rachel Mclean

Grad's research results in policy recommendations for Calgary's escooter program

Rachel Mclean (MSc'21) used data modelling, computer simulation to investigate e-scooter use downtown.


Latest buzz: Interdisciplinary group wins 2021 Staff Sustainability Award

Collaborative effort leads to digital collection of native bee species (Mindi Summers, Biological Sciences).