Science Student Handbook: Who Can Help

USC Advisors can help you on a drop-in or appointment basis!

Come in person or choose to talk by phone.

Booking an appointment

To book an appointment: Follow these instructions

Grad Check

If you want a Grad Check (also known as a “Degree Audit”), please fill out and submit this form.

I need help with something specific!

Need help for one of these issues?


Changing programs

  • Switching Faculties? Visit the Faculty you are hoping to enter.
  • Staying in the same Faculty but adding another major/ combined degree/ minor? Talk to your science program advisors.

Withdrawing from a class

A withdrawal is dropping a class after the drop deadline has passed in a given semester.

Do you need permission to withdraw from a class? 

  • Is it your first time withdrawing from this class?
    • Yes. Go ahead and withdraw.
    • No, the system won’t let you. Chat with a science program advisor and let them know what you are trying to do.

Taking a class for a third time

You’ll need permission to do this. Meet with a science program advisor to discuss your situation.