We're working toward a culture of innovation, supported by strong basic research that creates conditions for major discoveries and spurs entrepreneurial opportunities.

Frank Maurer

Meet Frank Maurer, Ph.D., Associate Dean Innovation and Strategic Partnerships

Find out how Frank is fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Faculty of Science.

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Innovate Calgary

Connect to the innovation transfer and business incubator centre for the University of Calgary.

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Innovation Workshop Series

Join us for our Innovation Workshop series as we build our innovation capacity for the high tech economy.

  1. VizworX Inc.

    Frank Maurer


  2. SeeO2 Energy Inc.

    Viola Birss


  3. Click Materials Group

    Simon Trudel


  4. Epimeron Inc.

    Peter Facchini


  5. Alberta BioPhotonics Inc.

    Elmar Prenner


  6. Marathoner Labs

    Teddy Seyed

  7. Gushor (acquired by Schlumberger, 2013)

    Steve Larter