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September 21-27, 2020

Getting to Proxima Centauri b – Teen Science Fiction Anthology Project

Dates:  Monday, September 21 to Sunday, September  27
Audience:  Teens (12-17)

Description: Proxima Centauri b is a planet orbiting our nearest star. It may be habitable. Join space physicist Eric Donovan and science fiction writer Heather Clitheroe for a workshop to create fiction and poetry as we learn about the star, write together, and work to create an anthology of discovery! In partnership with the Calgary Public Library.

  • Monday Sept 21 (7-8:30pm): introduction, description of the project, learning about Proxima Centauri b, group timed writing.
  • Tuesday Sept 22 (7-8:30pm): drop-in work session – come and work remotely with us, or meet with Eric and Heather to ask questions and talk about your work.
  • Wednesday Sept 23 (7-8:30pm): group session to discuss questions, talk about writing progress, and learning about publishing your work.
  • Thursday Sept 24 (7-8:30pm): drop-in work session.
  • Friday Sept 25: break, no workshop.
  • Saturday Sept 26 (12:15-1:45pm):  drop-in work and question discussion session.
  • Sunday Sept 27 (1-2:30pm): wrap-up session – sharing our writing, next steps, and strategies for keeping the creative spark going!

When Brains Meet Circuits: What is a Neural Network, Anyways?

Date/Time:  Monday, September 21, 7pm – 8pm
Audience:  All ages

Description:  Can we build a neural network out of ourselves? Work together to process data and come to a decision? How do neural networks relate to the decisions computers make around us? Join UCalgary’s Department of Computer Science as we learn about neural networks, build one together, and discuss the system we create.

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Investigative Parasitology: From the Field to Lab

Date/Time:  Tuesday, September 22, 7pm – 8pm
Audience:  All ages

Description:  A new parasite is decimating the endangered purple platytoad population! Follow scientists from UCalgary’s Host-Parasite Interactions group as they try to save the purple platytoad through a behind-the-scenes look at parasitology research in the field and the lab. Furthermore, join expert parasitologists in a Q&A at the end of the session.

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Chasing Steve, a Mystery in the Night Sky + Q&A

Date/Time:  Wednesday, September 23, 7pm – 8pm
Audience:  All ages

Description:  Join us for Chasing STEVE, a short film about night sky photographers from Alberta who discover an unknown celestial phenomenon. Q&A discussion follows with filmmakers Leah Mallen & Jess Fraser, photographer Christy Turner, founder of the Alberta Aurora Chasers Chris Ratzlaff, and Faculty of Science Professor of Physics and Astronomy Eric Donovan.

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How to Make a Blockbuster Animated Movie

Date/Time:  Thursday, September 24, 6:15pm – 7:15pm (not a Calgary Public Library event)
Audience: All ages

Description: Vice-president of global technology at DreamWorks Animation (yes, that DreamWorks), Andrew Pearce, BSc’84, MSc’88, will discuss what he’s learned in 38 years of computer graphics, visual effects, and animation.  One of this year’s Arch Awards recipients, Pearce will take you through the production process of a CG-driven feature film with an eye to how computer science and art come together to create animation. The man who has watched Star Wars more than 60 times will also cover how the creative process drives innovation in a technology space. Plus: Pearce promises to regale us with anecdotes, visuals and clips from some of the movies that he has worked on.

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