Image of space with stars and red clouds

Science Fridays

Watch, learn, and discover more about science and our Faculty. 

There is no shortage of wonder and curiosity when it comes to science! From the everyday to the extraordinary, join our science champions in exploring a variety of topics in these short videos. 

The science of fireworks

PhD candidate Marissa Clapson explains the science behind the beauty of fireworks.

The science of rollercoasters

Dr. Phil Langill from our Department of Physics and Astronomy explains the science behind one of our favourite amusement park rides - the roller coaster!

Calgary's quantum future

Dr. Barry Sanders, professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy and Director of the Institute for Quantum Science and Technology discusses leading quantum research at UCalgary.

Getting to Proxima b

In 2020, Faculty of Science members Heather Clitheroe and Eric Donovan partnered with the Calgary Public Library to offer a science fiction writing workshop for teens. The result was the anthology Getting to Proxima b.

Learning by games with ChemEscape Inc.

Does the joy of learning need to stop at adulthood? ChemEscape Consulting Inc. believes that students of all levels can benefit from activities that build creativity and enjoyment into a learning experience.

New research reveals that bacteria can sense temperature

Dr. Joe Harrison, associate professor and microbiologist, biochemist, and molecular geneticist in the Department of Biological Sciences, is part of a team that confirmed that bacteria can sense heat.