June 29, 2021

In Memoriam: Dr. Sergei Noskov, Faculty of Science

Campus flag lowered June 29
Dr. Sergei Noskov

The Faculty of Science is mourning the loss of Dr. Sergei Noskov, who passed away on June 18, 2021.

Dr. Sergei Noskov, professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, was a well-known and highly respected researcher in the international community. He is admired by his academic peers for his research contributions, dedication to science, and his personal qualities: warmth, generosity, and wisdom. He joined the Faculty of Science in 2006 and during his time at UCalgary he made major contributions to computational algorithms for simulation of biological systems on supercomputers. One of his first papers on the selectivity of potassium channels helped create a thriving field at the interface of experimental and computational biology. His work helped unravel the intricate mechanisms cells use to transport ions and other substrates through membrane proteins. This research, which became a central theme in Sergei’s research program, provided important insights into how cells function at a molecular level and helped us understand the underpinnings of many human diseases.

Sergei was involved in a large number of international collaborations and was a key figure in brining advanced computational approaches to broad range of scientific topics. His work ranged from fundamental questions, such as how to predict the behaviour of cardiac tissue from the contributions of individual proteins, to applied protein engineering problems for improving diagnostic imaging in humans. His research group also pioneered the use of machine learning for understanding complex metabolomics data, a bold departure from his physical chemistry roots that brought his significant computational expertise to a new frontier in biomedical research. Sergei published over 150 peer-reviewed articles on these subjects and leaves an impressive legacy as a scientific leader in his community.

In addition to being an exceptional researcher, Sergei was also a beloved teacher and mentor who played an important role in the training, career development, and personal support for his many trainees. His students and staff describe him as both a mentor and friend who was inspiring, kind-hearted, and joyful. He is fondly remembered as a person who encouraged his students with his boundless optimism. Sergei always found time for those in need and will be remembered as both a respected scientist and friend to everyone in the community.

Dr. Sergei Noskov is survived by his wife, Tatiana and two children, Andrei and Katherina. He will be deeply missed by colleagues, students and staff in the Department of Biological Sciences, the Faculty of Science, the University of Calgary and elsewhere.