UCalgary campus in winter of 2023
University of Calgary

Jan. 20, 2023

UCalgary sets tuition and fees for 2023-2024 academic year

Tuition and costs tied to inflation, say university officials

The University of Calgary has set its tuition and fees for the upcoming year. The fees, which are tied to the rate of inflation, will take effect in May.

The university has committed to providing increased financial supports to students most impacted by rising costs of living. This includes enhancements to bursaries, student wellness supports and food security programs.

“We’d like to thank all the students and student groups who provided important feedback during our consultation process this past fall – we appreciate the time everyone took to participate,” says Provost Penny Werthner.

“Informed by this feedback, we were able to make adjustments to the original tuition and fee increase proposals, which are designed to meet budget and inflation challenges at our growing university.”

Dr. Werthner said the university is committed to continuing to have meaningful consultation with our students

“We understand that students are personally impacted by rising costs. As we work to continue to offer high-quality programs and education to students, we are committed to continuing to listen to students as well as receiving the feedback provided by our campus community. We will be meeting with student leaders in the coming weeks to continue our conversations regarding the consultation process for future years,” added Werthner.

“The Board’s tuition and fee decision was based on a thorough analysis of the situation, including inflation and cost increases. Board members carefully reviewed the proposal that would affect undergraduate and graduate students before deciding to approve the fee increases, which still places the University of Calgary’s rates in line or below those of other post-secondary institutions across the country,” says UCalgary Board of Governors Chair Mark Herman.

Bursary options

UCalgary continues to provide support for students in need, and to maintain an outstanding student experience. The university is continuing its tuition reinvestment bursary program for 2023-2024. More information about the program can be found here. There are also awards, scholarships, and bursaries available to students that can be accessed here.

Tuition and fee increases

New tuition and fee rates will take effect starting on May 1, 2023. A full listing of rates by program will be published in the Tuition and General Fees section of the 2023-2024 university academic calendar in March. Some examples include:

  • Tuition for Domestic Undergraduate Students
    +5.5%: All students with the exception of Nursing
    +8.0%: Nursing
  • Tuition for International Undergraduate Students
    +10.0%: All students with the exception of Engineering and the Foreign-Trained Lawyers Program
    +8.0%: Engineering (new students)
    +2.0%: Engineering students who started their programs in 2022-23
    +5.5%: Foreign Trained Lawyer Program
  • Tuition for Domestic Graduate Students
    +2.0%: Thesis-based programs (thesis-based MSc, MA, PhD, and professional doctorates)
    +5.5%: Most master’s course-based, diploma and certificate programs
    +2.0%: Executive MBA
  • Tuition for International Graduate Students
    +2.0%: Thesis-based programs (thesis-based MSc, MA, PhD, and professional doctorates)
    +10.0%: Most master’s course-based, diploma and certificate programs
    +8.0%: Master of Engineering (new students)
    +2.0%: Master of Engineering students who started their programs in 2022-23
    +2.0%: Executive MBA

General fees (effective May 1, 2023) 

A 5.5% per cent increase to the Student Services, Campus Recreation and Athletics fees has been approved.

Residence fees (effective May 1, 2023)

Residence fee increases range from two per cent to six per cent depending on the building and bedroom type. These increases reflect higher costs for utilities, labour and property taxes. Residence Services currently consists of 3,044 residence spaces, an increase from 2,824 last year, across ten residence communities. Residence provides accommodations to all students including undergraduate, graduate students and students with families.

Meal plan program fee (effective May 1, 2023)

A seven per cent increase to meal plans has been approved. The increase is driven by the combination of food inflation costs as well as transportation and labour increases. All students, regardless of whether they live in residence, are free to purchase a meal plan or add Uni Dollars to their Unicard for spending at various campus food merchants.

Parking rates (effective April 1, 2023)

Student parking permit rates on campus will be increasing by four per cent. The last increase was three per cent in 2022-2023. Staff permit rates are increasing between two per cent and two and a half per cent. The last increase was 10 per cent in 2019-20. Additionally, Spy Hill parking permits for staff and students will increase by 18 per cent. This increase will bring Spy Hill parking to the same rate as McMahon Stadium.