The UCSafety app pushes out mobile notifications during emergencies and offers important features designed to promote safety, security and well-being.

March 5, 2024

UCalgary shifts to mobile emergency alerts exclusively via UCSafety app

Transition away from Alertus app to streamline emergency communications

The University of Calgary has consolidated its mobile emergency notification system into the UCSafety app. By eliminating the need to use multiple apps, it is now easier for students, postdocs, faculty, and staff to receive emergency alerts and access safety resources on their mobile devices.

The UCSafety app was introduced in the summer of 2023 and can push out mobile notifications during emergencies, similar to the Alertus app. In addition, the UCSafety app also offers important features designed to promote safety, security and well-being at UCalgary.  

“One of the key advantages of UCSafety is that it is a unified app for all things safety and security at UCalgary,” says Mike Van Hee, vice-president (services). “Consolidating all functionality into one app will simplify the user experience while supporting timely and consistent information during emergency situations.” 

Aside from emergency alerts, the UCSafety app has features to help its users stay safe every day. App users can access emergency contacts with the touch of a button, report incidents or concerns, and activate an automated check-in when studying or working alone. If they fail to check in at the designated time, an emergency response can be initiated. 

The Friend Walk feature allows users to share their real-time location with a friend, providing an added layer of security when traveling alone, and offers the possibility of triggering an emergency call if required. 

The UCSafety app also provides valuable information about UCalgary’s Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) standards and training, evacuation routes and building assembly points, IT and research security, risk management and insurance services, well-being resources and more. 

All students, faculty, staff and postdocs should download the UCSafety app on the App Store or on Google Play to support the safety and well-being of the university community. Once you’ve downloaded the UCSafety app, we recommend deleting the Alertus app from your devices. Learn more 

The university uses multiple communication channels to ensure important messaging can reach our community before, during, and after an emergency situation at UCalgary. This includes mobile alerts via the UCSafety app, desktop notifications on university-managed computers, and messages through buildings’ public address (PA) systems. 

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