Science Mentorship Program Application


Thank you for your interest in the Science Mentorship Program.  Each year we do our best to match all interested students in a mentorship pair.

All questions except those in the "Optional Questions" section are required.

Application Deadline:  December 15, 2023

Personal Information

Mentor/Mentee Selection

For the next question you will indicate whether you are applying to be a mentor, mentee or both.

Please NOTE:

  • 1st year students: If you are a 1st year student, select Mentee.
  • 2nd year students: If you are a 2nd year student, you can choose to be a Mentor (to a 1st year student), or a Mentee, or both a Mentor AND a Mentee. Please note that if you select the Mentor and Mentee option, the priority will be to match you as a Mentor first. If there are additional Mentors available, we will also match you as a Mentee.
  • 3+ year students: If you are 3rd year or above student, select Mentor.
Are you applying to be a (select one):
Would you like to mentor an international student?
Would you be willing to mentor more than one mentee if needed?
Would you be interested in working with the Writing Symbols Lodge (WSL) for other programs outside of the Science Mentorship Program?
(Note: If you select yes, you consent to having your information shared with the WSL)

Optional Questions

The following questions are optional, but answering the questions may help with pairing mentees with mentors.
Are you (check all that apply)
As an International Student, are you
Do you identify as

Programs, Hobbies and Interests

(Pairing will be based on: major then hobbies and interests  - limited by availability)
What are your hobbies? (choose all that apply)
What are your general interests? (choose all that apply)
What career options are you considering? (choose all that apply)

Events and Activities

How did you hear about the program? (choose all that apply)