Oct. 18, 2023

Law school welcomes new Professorship in Law and Disability Policy

Stephanie Chipeur as been appointed the Azrieli Accelerator Professorship in Law & Disability Policy

The Faculty of Law is pleased to welcome Stephanie Chipeur as the holder of the new Azrieli Accelerator Professorship in Law & Disability Policy, a cross-appointment with The School of Public Policy, where she has been doing research with the Disability Policy Research Program, led by Dr. Jennifer Zwicker, since 2021.

As a post-doctoral scholar, Stephanie was the first recipient of the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation’s Charlie Fischer Fellowship in Advancing Patient and Family-Centered Research. The Charlie Fischer Fellowship has supported Stephanie’s work on the inequities in childhood disability law and policy in Canada between children disabled by injury versus those born with a disability, especially those with neurodevelopmental conditions.

Stephanie completed her JD at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law and is a member of the Law Society of Ontario. She completed her LLM and DCL at McGill University’s Faculty of Law. In 2014, during her graduate studies at McGill, Stephanie was injured in a car accident and became a wheelchair user. As a new member of the disability community, Stephanie brings lived experience to her research on disability law and policy.