March 5, 2020

Recognition — make it a habit

Three ways to show appreciation to your colleagues this Employee Appreciation Day
Recognition - make it a habit

Employee Appreciation Day is a secular holiday that comes with the first Friday in March. It is celebrated in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. This day brings additional opportunity for managers and leaders to remember the importance of appreciating employees and for peers and colleagues to recognize each other.

1. Send a thank-you message to your colleagues

Simple, everyday acts of appreciation foster an engaged workplace and are critical to a positive work environment. Send an eNote to your colleagues and peers who supported you during a project, encouraged you to reach higher, or helped make your workplace a fulfilling place to be.

UCalgary offers a wide variety eNotes and print cards.

UCalgary offers a wide variety eNotes and print cards.

2. Nominate your colleague or team for a formal award

It is not easy to find extra time at work to work on a nomination package, but going the extra mile to nominate a colleague or a team for one of the universiy-wide awards is definitely a rewarding experience, both for the nominee and the nominator:

  • U Make a Difference Awards (deadline Mar. 21)
  • Order of the University of Calgary (nominations are accepted throughtout the year)
  • Teaching Awards
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Awards
  • Internationalization Achievement Awards
  • Sustainability Awards

3. Plan a special event for your team

Commemorate a special occasion, completion of a project, or a milestone using recognition event template – make it easy to plan, meaningful, and memorable.